Tui Na

Traditional Chinese physical therapy

Tui Na medical massage is a specialized system of bodywork which uses strong, focused and effective techniques. It is growing in popularity in the UK and is widely used in China in modern hospitals and clinics for the treatment of many pain conditions that might be treated by a physiotherapist or osteopath/chiropractor in the UK.

The emphasis of Tui Na is to identify and change soft tissue that has become pathological or problematic as well as correct dysfunctional movement patterns.


Tui Na specialists are highly skilled in using their hands to treat a great number of conditions ranging from back pain to arthritis and RSI (see the painful conditions and injuries page).  Tui Na techniques are unique manipulations and feel different to other types of bodywork, however a treatment may include additional modalities like traditional acupuncture, gua sha, moxa and cupping as well as joint mobilisation / manipulation techniques and neuromuscular soft tissue techniques.

How will Tui Na help my pain condition?

A Tui Na treatment doesn’t only just try to alleviate pain or help repair injured tissue.  A good tui na therapist will also advise you how to correctly move your body.

What is important from your treatment is that you understand where, how, and why your body is failing you, and start changing it through focused Tui Na bodywork and correct body movement.

The more you move correctly, the more you are able to move… 

The human body is meant to move, if it was ‘designed’ you could say that it was in fact designed to move efficiently and powerfully.  It is the case however that we do not move our bodies as they should be moved (because of a sedentary lifestyle, poor posture and an ever decreasing need to move).

For these reasons, it is quite likely that over time we develop muscle imbalances, dysfunctional joints and arthritic conditions as well as tension build up resulting from inefficient movement…

…this decline in health and mobility needn’t be inevitable though (see article on arthritis)!  Contact us for effective treatment and advice on how to make real changes.


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