Courses for Chinese medicine practitioners & students



“Over the years, we have benefitted immensely from being able to do repeated clinical observations with experienced Chinese medicine practitioners, for example at the Alternative Clinic, USA (the teaching clinic of the Association for Traditional Studies, with Andrew and JulieAnn Nugent-Head) or the Tuina wards of the Zhejiang Hospital of Chinese medicine, China. 

As we appreciate time and costs mean this is not available to everyone, we run CPD events and programmes, to help spread the knowledge that we have gained abroad. Our wish is to raise the standard of practice of Chinese medicine here by passing on our knowledge to practitioners in the UK. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing our experience with you!” – Conny and Zarig


3-day CPD course: Introduction to Ah Shi treatment

Ah Shi Treatment, as taught to us by Andrew Nugent-Head, is the bulk of physical treatment that we do. When done correctly, it can yield significant results remarkably quickly, often in just one or two sessions – even for chronic conditions. Most of our referrals at Yi Dao Clinic come from successful Ah Shi treatments, and we are now also getting GP referrals for physical conditions from it.

This course was set up as we hope to spread the usage of high-quality Ah Shi work in the UK. At the end of it, participants will have the understanding and skill to perform simple Ah Shi treatments and start building up experience of using this remarkable way of treating.

Course details:

Day 1: Ah Shi perspective of treatment, palpation of Ah Shi areas, needling techniques and patient responses (eg fasciculations)

Day 2: Ah Shi treatment for lower body injury. Using case studies, we will discuss and practice treatments for lower back, hip, knee and ankle/foot.

Day 3: Ah Shi treatment for upper body injury. Using  case studies, we will discuss and practice treatments for shoulder and arm, upper back, neck and head conditions.

Course teachers: Zarig and Conny Cooper

Participants: Practitioners or students of acupuncture.

Course dates: Sunday 13th January, Sunday 10th March, Sunday 12th May
All days run 10am – 5pm, with lunch break. Please bring your own lunch, or you can buy lunch from cafes in the area.

Venue: The Rooms Above, West Heath Yard, 174 Mill Lane, West Hampstead, NW6 1TB.

Cost: £210 for the 3-day course
Refunds possible up to 1 month before start of course, after that fee is non-refundable.

Please email to book your place.

Clinical observations:

At Yi Dao Clinic we regularly accept student/practitioner observers. This is a great way for our course participants to see the material in real practice, or for new observers to get a feeling for what we do.

Please email us if you would like to schedule some observation sessions.


Herb Tasting sessions:

Every Monday lunchtime, we hold herb tasting sessions for practitioners/students of Chinese herbal medicine. Led by Conny Cooper, these sessions help participants to develop the palate of a classical herbalist by tasting and assessing herbs from our raw herb dispensary.

We then compare the descriptions of the herbs in the classical literature (Shen Nong Ben Cao) with those in modern textbooks (Bensky’s Materia Medica) in order to improve our understanding of the effects the herbs will have for our patients.

Please email us for details if you would like to join us.