Courses for Chinese medicine practitioners & students

“Over the years, we have benefitted immensely from being able to do repeated clinical observations with experienced Chinese medicine practitioners, for example at the Alternative Clinic, USA (the teaching clinic of the Association for Traditional Studies, with Andrew and JulieAnn Nugent-Head) or the Tuina wards of the Zhejiang Hospital of Chinese medicine, China. 

As we appreciate time and costs mean this is not available to everyone, we run CPD events and programmes, to help spread the knowledge that we have gained abroad. Our wish is to raise the standard of practice of Chinese medicine here by passing on our knowledge to practitioners in the UK. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing our experience with you!” – Conny and Zarig

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We offer 4 weekend courses focusing on needle technique and bodywork skills. These can be attended individually, however participants are encouraged to attend all 4, in any order, as the practical skills taught complement each other. Revisiting the fundamental concepts from different angles allows for the material to be understood and practiced at more and more depth.

All 4 seminars include DaoYin practices which are specifically designed to develop the skills used in treatment. Throughout the weekends we go to great lengths to clarify how the DaoYin practices feed into the techniques and why the practices are so important.

1. Needling Technique and Bodywork for internal disease: Burning Mountain and Cooling Sky (28th/29th Sep 2019)

2. Needling Technique and Bodywork for internal disease: Riding the Point (7th/8th Dec 2019)

3. Needling Technique and Bodywork for external injury: Lower Body (21st/22nd Mar 2020)

4. Needling Technique and Bodywork for external injury: Upper Body (30th and 31st May 2020) – details TBC



At Yi Dao Clinic we regularly accept student/practitioner observers. This is a great way for our course participants to see the material in real practice, or for new observers to get a feeling for what we do, and to experience spending some time in a busy, established practice.

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Every Monday lunchtime, we hold herb tasting sessions for practitioners/students of Chinese herbal medicine. Led by Conny Cooper, these sessions help participants to develop the palate of a classical herbalist by tasting and assessing herbs from our raw herb dispensary.

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