Zarig Cooper

Lead Tui Na practitioner & Clinic Director:

  • Tui Na physical therapy & Acupuncture specialist
  • Director of the London Golf Injury Clinic and Titleist Performance Institute certified to Medical Level 3
  • Functional Movement assessment and retraining
  • a published journal author
  • teaches post-graduate Tui Na seminars
  • Separate BSc degrees in Biochemistry and Acupuncture

Zarig can be contacted on 07957 267 025.

Zarig is an experienced practitioner who has trained with Tui Na doctors in China and in Tai Chi & Qi Gong with the Mei Quan Academy of Tai Chi in London.  He has also studied Functional Body Movement and assessment in the USA.

Zarig brings with him a wealth of knowledge about the skilled treatment of painful conditionsinjuries, the effects of stress and tension on the body/mind and Body Movement Awareness. His treatments are effective and to the point, aiming to create a lasting effect from the outset.

“Mobilise and free your body of pain with Tui Na, Acupuncture and Eastern Body Movement”

These traditional Chinese therapies are more relevant now than ever. They can genuinely help you to overcome the pain you are in, and teach you how to move, work and live with more ease.

“Tension, tension, tension…”

We should not underestimate how a build-up of tension in our bodies and minds impacts on our health! It is essential when treating pain conditions to release tension, so that both the injured tissues are prompted to heal fully, and the muscle and postural imbalances that have led to the problem developing may be corrected.

“There is no artificial replacement for correct motion – motion is absolutely crucial for good health”

Tui Na combined with the traditional exercise systems of qi gong or tai chi get to the root of your pain condition and helps to restore correct bio-mechanical movement. 


some background info…

Tui Na is a little-known therapy in the UK, however in China it is a common form of treatment, available from mainstream hospitals. Zarig has studied Tuina formally in the UK as well as undertaking regular internships to China to study with the doctors there. He spent many hours honing his skills under the tutelage of highly skilled hospital doctors and became proficient at treating a wide range of conditions.

Through his study of Tai Chi and Qi Gong he has developed an appreciation of how the human body is meant to move naturally, skilfully and strongly. This understanding, which uniquely comes from the long-term practice of these Eastern disciplines, brings an extra dimension to his understanding of the healing process necessary for musculo-skeletal conditions.

Zarig is active in the promotion of authentic Tui Na in the UK and has run CPD events as well as short Tui Na courses to encourage the spread of this effective treatment modality.  His article “Tuina – East and West” calling for higher standards of education and practice was published internationally in the Journal of Chinese Medicine and received supportive feedback from the worldwide Tui Na community.