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1. Essential Ah Shi skills for the clinic: 3-day CPD course

Ah Shi treatment is often poorly taught on acupuncture courses, if it is taught at all. This is a great shame, as it is an essential aspect of acupuncture. When done correctly, it can yield significant results remarkably quickly, often in just one or two sessions – even for chronic conditions. Ah Shi treatment, as taught to us by Andrew Nugent-Head, is the bulk of physical treatment that we do. Most of our referrals at Yi Dao Clinic come from successful Ah Shi work, and we are now also getting GP referrals for physical conditions from it.

This course was set up as we hope to spread the usage of high-quality Ah Shi work in the UK. At the end of it, participants will have the understanding and skill to perform simple Ah Shi treatments and start building up experience of using this remarkable way of treating.

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