Stress-free Mind & Body

At Yi Dao we offer a range of treatments to help you deal with stress. We offer relaxing holistic massage or cranial osteopathy sessions as wonderful treats, as well as a more in-depth approach to dealing with the origins of stress through acupuncture and breathwork.


Am I stressed?

“Stress” can mean a wide variety of things and can affect people very differently, be it in their mind, body, or emotions.

At the mild end, some people occasionally feel a bit tired and overwhelmed when they are busy. At a more serious level, some people can find their lives quite drastically affected by sleep problems, panic attacks, or depression caused by stress. Physical symptoms such as digestive problems or pins and needles can often also be caused by stressful episodes.

Stress is not inevitable!

To deal with stress effectively it is important to understand the nature of it. There is a commonly held belief that stress is inevitable, as we are primed to develop the “fight or flight” response that our ancestors had as soon as we perceive a threat – and we are powerless over it. This idea is simplistic and does not do justice to the complexities of the human body and mind.

What makes us human is our ability to analyse and understand our responses to situations. This self-awareness then allows us to change our perspective on what is happening around us and, with practice and understanding, we can start to change our responses to the situations we encounter in our life.

This is not the same as steeling ourselves to fight off whatever life throws at us and developing patterns of tension to compensate – it is rather a genuine, relaxed confidence that enables us to effectively deal with a particular situation.

“I’m stressed, but no more than anyone else around me…”

Long-term stress can lead to serious health problems further down the line, from high blood pressure to lowered immune systems to heart attacks. Just because everyone else around you is going down that route doesn’t mean you have to! As a nation, accepting stress as a “normal” part of life is sending us down a potentially disastrous health route.

It is far easier to deal with stress when it is still relatively minor than wait for more serious consequences to develop.