Full Strength Chinese Medicine with Andrew Nugent-Head


We are delighted to announce that Andrew Nugent-Head is coming back to London to teach 4 days of CPD focusing on theory, strategies, herbs and treatments.

Andrew’s clinical skills are built on his years shadowing and assisting the old doctors in China from 1986-2014. These CPD days reflect this knowledge and will bring to life the full strength of treatment that can be achieved when Chinese Medicine is used to its full potential.

Each day will cover how a condition can be understood from the perspective of traditional medicine, and what treatment strategies using acupuncture, bodywork and herbs are appropriate to rectify the patient’s Qi and Blood to bring their system back to health.

As with all of Andrew’s seminars, practical training is a key part of the class. After learning about the condition, Andrew will demonstrate a protocol of acupuncture and bodywork drawn from his practice, then the group will break into partners to practice the protocol under his guidance. 



Friday 4th October 2024: Women’s health: Cysts and Fibroids
Friday 21st March 2025: Men’s health: Prostate issues
Friday 2nd May 2025: Insomnia: Mid-night waking
Friday 6th June 2025: Auto-immune joint pain


Who can attend?

-Qualified acupuncturists, who may also be herbalists or not (non-herbalists will benefit from understanding the strategies behind the herbal formulations as these also apply to physical treatment).

Acupuncturists who previously attended Andrew’s seminar series in London in the past or have done CPD training either with us at Yi Dao Clinic or with the team at Miller’s Way will find these days particularly relevant.

-Third-year students on BAAB accredited acupuncture courses who are curious about seeing a wider perspective of Chinese Medicine.



Each day will be taught by Andrew Nugent-Head from the Association for Traditional Studies (ATS).

A dedicated practitioner of Chinese Medicine, Andrew lived in China for 28 years, where he studied martial arts, medicine and internal cultivation in traditional Mentor-Disciple relationships.

As the founder and president of ATS, he now dedicates himself to preserving, documenting and disseminating traditional knowledge as well as to bringing the benefit of the full strength of Chinese Medicine to the many patients at his teaching clinic in Asheville, USA.



Location: Miller’s Way Project, Miller’s Way, Shepherds Bush, London, W6 7NH.

Date and Time: Dates as listed above. Each day will run 10am – 3.30pm, with a 30-min lunch break.

Cost: Group booking: £400 for all 4 seminars if paid in one booking by 4th September.

For individual days:  early bird of £125 per day if signing up by one month before each course date.

Within the last month before each course date: £140 per day.

To sign up: Please email info@yidaoclinic.co.uk to book your place.