Courses for Chinese medicine practitioners & students


“Over the years, we have benefitted immensely from being able to do repeated clinical observations with experienced Chinese medicine practitioners, for example at the Alternative Clinic, USA (the teaching clinic of the Association for Traditional Studies, with Andrew and JulieAnn Nugent-Head) or the Tuina wards of the Zhejiang Hospital of Chinese medicine, China.

As we appreciate time and costs mean this is not available to everyone, we run CPD events and programmes, to help spread the knowledge that we have gained abroad. Our wish is to raise the standard of practice of Chinese medicine here by passing on our knowledge to practitioners in the UK. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing our experience with you!” – Conny and Zarig



with Andrew Nugent-Head:


We are delighted that Andrew Nugent-Head is coming back to London to teach 4 days of CPD focusing on theory, strategies, herbs and treatments. These days are open to acupuncturists, who may also be herbalists or not, as all will benefit form hearing the strategies used to achieve “full strength Chinese Medicine”.

Friday 4th October 2024: Women’s health: cysts and fibroids
Friday 21st March 2025: Men’s health: Prostate issues
Friday 2nd May 2025: Insomnia: mid-night waking
Friday 6th June 2025: Auto-immune joint pain

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7th July 2024: A day of practical skills as a foundation of working with Ashi treatment, a remarkable way of resolving musculoskeletal issues. The day will include basic concepts and theories, followed by relevant practice of hand and needle skills (sparrow-pecking and others). Attendees will both practice and receive the taught techniques so they will gain a first-hand understanding of their powerful effects. 

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20th October 2024: Come and learn effective treatment strategies for shoulder pain with us in the beautiful venue of Miller’s Way. We will focus on diagnosis using the Sinew channels, relevant Ashi treatment techniques and tailoring the treatment to the patient based on the state of they Qi, Blood and Spirit.

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4 weekly online sessions, starting Monday 20th November, where we taste herbs together, examine their Flavour and Nature, and discuss clinical applications. 

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Conny’s write-up of her second study trip to Andrew and JulieAnn’s teaching clinic, which was published in the RCHM Journal in 2017, is available here:
“There are no classical formulas, there is only classical thinking”: Two weeks interning at the Alternative Clinic in Asheville.





At Yi Dao Clinic we regularly accept student/practitioner observers. This is a great way for our course participants to see the material in real practice, or for new observers to get a feeling for what we do, and to experience spending some time in a busy, established practice.

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