In our first 6 months after opening in Summer 2012 we carried out over 1200 treatment sessions! Since then, we have been continuously growing and expanding. Many thanks to all our patients for the many referrals – we are pleased you found our treatments so beneficial and grateful that you are spreading the word!

Here is a selection of testimonials we have received:

“I have accessed Chinese medicine at times throughout the last 30 years, since I was a teenager.  In seeking out a practitioner, I set the bar very high as in 30 years I have had a two practitioners that showed me what a highly skilled practitioner could bring to the table.  I was very concerned for my lung health having had incapacitating periods in the past.

I spent time doing research and getting recommendations for very highly regarded professionals in different parts of the country.  That led me to Conny.  I felt entirely seen by Conny during our consultations.  The acupuncture was the most potent I have experienced to date and that combined with the herbs enabled me to recover my lung health that was in decline and leaving me weak.   My lungs are now good, energy rose and I felt the treatment aided me with something of a reset.  I will be back. ” P.E., Chronic bronchitis. 

“I’ve had severe hip pain for several years, and was told my only option was a hip replacement. However after a few sessions with Conny the pain is greatly reduced and I’m now happy to say the surgery is off the cards.” C. D., wear and tear of the hip.

“I have suffered with acute migraine and sleeping issues for a number of years. Paracetamol/Ibuprofen just masked the pain but did not deal with the cause. Conny, through a mixture of acupuncture and Chinese Herbs has made a huge difference. The Chinese Herbs in particular, taken twice a day, have helped enormously.” N. P., migraines and insomnia 

“I had been ill for over a week with a bad sore throat, was struggling to eat, and felt really off. I was going to go to the GP to get some antibiotics, but thought I would try Conny’s herbs first. They were the turning point: within a day my throat stopped hurting, and I started feeling better in myself. I love the herbs – every time I drink them they make a noticeable difference in a short period of time.” F. N., throat infection

“I suffered menopausal symptoms for some time and as they were getting more intense I considered  HRT.  Instead I chose to try Chinese Herbs as prescribed by Conny.  The result has been dramatic.  Debilitating hot flushes are massively reduced in frequency and intensity and are now manageable, terrible headaches are non-existent, neck and shoulder pain is rare and my positivity has returned.  Conny listens carefully, the herbs she prescribes are bespoke, and the combination changes as my health improves.   This is unlike any other treatment I’ve ever received and I think its truly wonderful!” P. J., hot flushes, headaches, tiredness

“Last year I took some of Conny’s herbal medicine for digestive problems and hayfever. My digestion indeed improved gradually, and I realised after a couple of weeks that since I had taken the herbs I had had no signs of the hayfever, even though we were in the middle of the season  – incredible! I’m back this year for more…” A. D., digestion and hayfever

“I found Zarig a true and honest professional.  A good listener, he treated me for severe Achilles tendonitis and related issues.  With 30 years of sports related injuries and the accompanying treatments I have experienced, I have, for the 1st time, found someone who really treats the whole person.  Brilliant!” P.M., Achilles tendonitis

“I have continuously had difficulties with my sinuses for many years. The problem came and went, winter was the worst time of all as I used to get a stuffy and runny nose and was not able to breathe properly. Conny suggested Tui Na and acupuncture and also talked to me about posture and breathing. Having had a few sessions I haven’t experienced the same again, my nose has been clear the whole winter and I feel fine. I also liked the way she talked to me and explained the connection of the body with our psyche and how this may affect us. I can’t recommend her enough!” B.P., chronic sinusitis

“After 20 years or so of conventional osteopathy I was looking for something deeper to keep me going (muscle-wise rather than spiritually). Happily I came across the Chinese treatment called Tui Na at the Yi Dao Clinic on Mill Lane. I have now been several times and Tui Na really does reach parts that other treatments don’t. I feel more mobile as a result, and best of all more motivated to do daily exercises. It is a calm, relaxed and welcoming environment with no hard sell and plenty of practical good sense.” T.H., pain in back, neck, shoulders, osteoarthritis of the hip.

“After being recommended acupuncture by my doctor I was still a little sceptical about having someone stick pins in me. However the treatment is far more than this as I found out. Having been to see Conny for a few treatments my symptoms went. I also enjoy the great side effect of relaxation during and after the treatment.” L.H., pins & needles

“Zarig has an intuitive ability to pinpoint the cause of my problems and treat them in a progressive and painless way. In addition to providing immediate relief, he is also able to recommend exercises to help continue to ease and even prevent the problems from returning. His calm and easy-going approach makes it easy to relax and allows the treatment to be as effective as possible. I can’t recommend Zarig highly enough.” J.V., lower back pain and tension headaches

“It’s about two weeks now since my final session with Conny, and my arm continues to be free of pain, nor does it stiffen after repetitive movements. So thank you again Conny.” A.P., elbow tendinitis

“Over the course of the next 24 hours [after acupuncture treatment] the pain I had been living with for months, gradually diminished until I found myself entirely pain free, able to get back to a normal life and to finally enjoy being pregnant! I am now 32 weeks pregnant and still free from pain. I cannot thank Conny enough for her amazing expertise.” D.P., sciatica during pregnancy

“The great benefits I get from you is not only from the treatments themselves – your interest in the underlying causes has encouraged me to be more aware of how my posture and movement – and the way I respond to stress – contribute to my muscular problems and has helped me to think about how, over time, these can be corrected and the problems avoided.” P.J., sports injuries

“Conny is the most powerful acupuncturist I have ever worked with. She is also happy to inform, educate and explain what she’s doing as she’s doing it which I really welcomed.” F. B., varicose veins

“I have found acupuncture incredibly relaxing – it’s allowed my mind the break it needs to get some prespective. I’ve only had a couple of sessions so far but it’s had a fantastic effect already.” K.P., anxiety

“Zarig is a very gifted Tui Na practitioner. His work appears to me to contact energy directly. He listens to the body’s response and is guided by its need to release tensions. Long-held trauma is addressed sympathetically and thoroughly, so that a complete healing is realisable.” J.D., back injury

“When I went home I had to go to bed straight away as I was exhausted, I then slept the soundest nights sleep I had in weeks and I woke up the next morning with no aches and pains and my flu had completed gone, unbelievable! I am very grateful to Conny for her healing work and I am now a true convert and believer in Acupuncture.” P.B., immune booster