Price List

Having kept our prices consistent for several years, as of 1st March 2022, we are increasing our prices to the prices shown on this page.

We do believe that good healthcare should be available to anyone. We (Conny and Zarig) therefore have a limited number of pro bono sessions available every week, for people in need of medical treatment who cannot afford it. Please email us with your details for consideration.

The best way to book a session with Conny or Zarig is to use our online booking system.

Acupuncture and Tuina/bodywork

We specialise in de-mystifying these traditional Chinese therapies, making them available as straightforward and effective modalities of treatment with many uses.

Available Monday to Saturday.

Zarig Cooper or Conny Cooper All sessions (1 hour) £70
30 min Tuina session (with Zarig only) £45
Exceptional Circumstances Session (eg - out of hours, home visit, specialist sports treatment) £120

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine relies on over 2000 years of usage to provide safe and effective treatment. In China, Chinese herbs are a routine hospital treatment alongside conventional medicine.

Available Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

We recommend brewing the herbs with a thermos (thermos available with us for £30, or can be purchased on Amazon here) - it is easier, faster, and significantly reduces the amount of herbs needed and therefore the overall cost.


Conny Cooper Cost of herbs - thermos cook £4/day
Cost of herbs - cook on the stove £8/day
Consulation fee for herbs only £45
Consulation fee if herbs used alongside acupuncture free

Abdominal Massage

Manual stimulation of the abdominal organs with profound effects.

Available Monday to Saturday.

Conny Cooper / Zarig Cooper 1 hour £70


A western look at pain of the musculo-skeletal system.

Available throughout the week, including weekends.

Lilly Jukic All sessions £70

Massage & Reiki

We offer a range of massages throughout the week. Please check individual practitioner pages for full details.

ConidraFIT (Dragos Corcoveanu) - available throughout the week, including weekends. Deep Tissue massage - 60/90min £80/£115
CBD Deep Tissue Massage - 60/90min £100/£140
Manual Lymphatic Drainage - MLD - 60/90min £90/£130
Sports Massage - 60/90min £90/£130
CBD Sports Massage - 60/90min £110/£160
Advanced Sports Massage - 60/90min £200/£280
Targeted Injury Work (acute or chronic) - mixed therapy with CBD and special products** - 60/90min £140/£200
Injury Healing Booster Therapy Mix (includes Massage + Special Products + Reiki) - 60/90min £200/£280
Peak Performance Therapy Mix - 60/90min £200/£280
Signature ConidraFIT Holistic Immunity & Wellbeing Booster - 60/90min £200/£280
Fertility Reiki - 60/90min £200/£280
Healing Massage & Reiki Experience - 60/90min £200/£280
Other treatments available:
- Swedish Massage
- De-Stress Relaxing Massage
- Holistic Massage
- Remedial Therapeutic Massage
- Massage Therapy for Cancer Patients
- Back, Neck, Head & Shoulders Massage
- Energising Massage

Cranial Osteopathy ( cranio-sacral therapy)

Suitable for all ages, from birth onwards.

Available on Wednesdays and Thursdays, other days by appointment.

Lilly Jukic Adults (1hr) £70
Children (1hr) £55


Gentle foot massage for overall health, including fertility issues. Suitable during pregnancy.

Available throughout the week by appointment, including weekends.

Karen Ford Reflexology - 55min £60
Foor or Facial Reflexology - 25min (Karen only) £35
Facial Reflexology - 55 mi £60
Foot and Facial Reflexology - 90min £80
Zone Face Lift - 75min £80
12 week Zone Face Lift course - 75min £880
***inc Foot reflexology - 90min £1000
Children Reflexology - 25min £25

Counselling / Therapy

Talking therapy provides a safe space in which to explore and work through difficulties, gain understanding and then to move into the present and look forward to the future.

Available throughout the week, including weekends.

Mariane Cordeiro Individuals £65
Couples £70
Nicole Castellani Individuals £60


Gentle stimulation of the immune system with no side-effects.

Available Thursdays and Saturdays.

Sam Gladden Initial Adults (1.5hr) £80
Initial Children (1.5hr) £75
Adults (60min) £55
Children (60min) £50