About our Treatments

Chinese Medicine consists of three branches: Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, and Tuina/bodywork, which includes abdominal massage. Please check the individual pages for more in-depth information.

A typical Chinese medicine session may include any combination of the above, although we will always take your preferences into account.

A commonly asked question we have encountered over the years is: do people in China use Chinese Medicine (CM)? The answer is a resounding Yes! In China, there are 4000 large CM hospitals as well as over 42 500 regional CM clinics; 416 million Chinese people are treated with CM each year; over 450 000 CM doctors are employed as well as allied professions such as pharmacists, pharmacognocists, and many more (many thanks to Charlie Buck for these stats).

Please see this gem of a video for more detailed information:

Is Chinese Medicine is so good, why don’t the Chinese use it?.


We also offer a range of complementary therapies.