Abdominal Zang Fu Acupressure


A versatile treatment for internal health

At Yi Dao Clinic, we practice Abdominal Zang Fu Acupressure as taught in the Yin style Ba Gua tradition by Andrew Nugent-Head.

What is abdominal Zang Fu acupressure?

This deeply relaxing experience uses circular, rhythmic movements of different intensity to massage internal organs and increase their efficiency. Techniques are applied at specific points such as muscle seams, which, with minimal pressure, allow access into the body’s abdominal cavity. Targeting particular organ structures enables us to improve the blood flow to these organs, relaxing connective tissue, and allowing the organs to adjust to their natural shape and space.

What is it an effective treatment for?

Abdominal Zang Fu Massage is a versatile treatment with profound effects on many different organ systems. As the organs are stimulated directly, we regularly find it effective for local problems such as digestive complaints (constipation, IBS), menstrual problems, and fertility issues. Stimulating the abdominal organs also has an impact on emotional well-being and we have found it to have a consistently profound positive effect on stress and insomnia.  Systemic issues can also be addressed via the digestion – for example the immune system, which is affected by gut health, can be strengthened or re-calibrated.

A link to Western evidence

There is now scientific evidence that the digestive system contains neurons, and indeed it is now commonly referred to as the body’s “second brain”. It is therefore not surprising that stimulating and soothing the digestion has such a profound effect on mental and emotional states – one could say it is almost like a “brain massage”!
Also of note is the growing body of scientific evidence linking healthy gut bacteria to the immune system. Improving the overall gut environment through massage, warmth and relaxation helps to create the best environment to achieve a healthy bacterial balance (although of course diet will also play a crucial part, and should be addressed at the same time).