Painful Conditions & Injuries

At Yi Dao we specialise in the treatment of short and long-term pain conditions and injuries, and this is one of the most common reasons that people come to see us.

Who are our treatments for?

Everyone! At Yi Dao our patients for acute injuries include professional sportsmen and –women and personal trainers, as well as amateur runners and cyclists, yoga teachers and tai chi players.  Of course we also treat chronic conditions such as RSI in office workers and sore backs for new mums and dads. Many people are resigned to living with aches and pain as they age, however our approach to treatment can give significant relief from painful conditions to the elderly.

How do we perform acupuncture?

Chances are you will need to forget everything that you may have heard previously about acupuncture – we will not stick some pins in you and then leave you for 20min to relax with some nice music. In our experience this type of treatment yields limited benefits.

Our approach is very hands-on, and we target points which you will feel to be relevant to your injury – you may feel muscles fasciculating (or twitching), releasing, or a momentary deep ache. These are all good signs that tension in your musculo-skeletal systems is being released, allowing your muscles, joints and internal organs to return to natural functioning and therefore heal. With this approach, each treatment we perform on you will create a noticeable change in your body and significant health changes can often be achieved at a surprisingly fast pace.

 How about Tuina/bodywork?

Tuina and/or bodywork can be used either alongside acupuncture or as a treatment in their own right. Particular hand techniques are used to release strategic points in the body, allowing the musculoskeletal system to reset. A substantial part of Tuina/bodywork training is learning to combine strength with sensitivity. As a result, the techniques used are often surprisingly deep without being “grating”, allowing the body to relax and accept a treatment that will lead to lasting change.

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