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The Yi Dao Clinic was founded in 2012 by Zarig and Conny Cooper (previously Duxbury) with the aim of offering high quality Chinese medicine as a genuine alternative to standard healthcare.

Chinese Medicine encompasses acupuncture, herbs, bodywork/Tuina, diet and lifestyle advice, underpinned by a practical philosophy of life. Our treatments are hands-on and draw on all these tools to get your system back to health.

Our regular visitors come from all walks of life, from medical doctors to professional sportspeople, office workers to new mums, – anyone who wishes to benefit from this approach to healthcare which has been tried and tested for over 2000 years.

We regularly treat fellow acupuncturists, and on occasion we have student observers shadowing us in our sessions to learn from our approach and experience.

We also offer a range of other treatments (osteopathy, massage, reflexology) for anyone looking to improve their well-being in a more general way.

The best way to book a session with Conny or Zarig is to use our ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM.