Karen Ford

Karen can be contacted on 07957 123934 / Karen@soletosoultherapy.com

    • Reflexology
    • Pre-Pregnancy & Pregnancy Reflexology
    • Spinal Reflexology
    • Lymphatic Drainage Reflexology
    • Facial Reflexology
    • Indian Head Massage

    Karen’s objective is to enhance the well-being of her clients by using the ancient practice of reflexology. The treatment of a reflexologist will involve working on key reflex areas of the feet or face which correspond with areas of the body. Using the art of reflexology to restore balance and to assist the body to heal itself. Understanding the individual’s personal needs to tailor a treatment to ensure they obtain maximum benefits. Facial reflexology works on the same principals as feet or hand reflexology and offers a very relaxing treatment. 

    Reflexology is suitable for a variety of different ailments including stress / tension related conditions, depression, joint problems, fertility / pre-pregnancy, insomnia, and hormone imbalances. Karen works with several clients with cancer, MS, Parkinson’s and Auto Immune diseases to name a few 

    For further information please contact Karen directly or visit www.soletosoultherpay.com


    Foot reflexology:

    “Initially I was sceptical due to the fact I suffer from a long-term progressive condition with no cure; NOT I stress from Karen’s ability to deliver. I initially had two sessions close together followed by monthly maintenance. I can totally vouch for the fact that due to this, as I have not changed anything else in my life style; has made a huge difference in the quality of my life. I now feel more energised and able to lead a more normal life. The effects of stress on my body have dramatically been reduced through the reflexology. Karen has an intuitive ability of targeting areas that require therapy even before you have identified them! The therapy is given in a relaxing environment and always at convenient times for me. I can not advocate more the benefits this has had and continue to have. Thank you Karen”

    Facial Reflexology:

    “I’ve always been quite sceptical about “alternative” treatments, I’m certainly someone who really does need to stop from time to time, speeding through life juggling home, children and a demanding career, so when Karen suggested I try her facial reflexology I was slightly hesitant, however, I thought I owed it to myself to give it a go. Well, all I can say is that after a few minutes of chatting at the start of the session, I found myself unable to talk, lulled into a deeply relaxing state and total putty in Karen’s hands. The hour seemed like 10 minutes and after reluctantly peeling my relaxed body from the bed I felt extremely relaxed, something I haven’t felt for a long while. I’ll be going back and I perhaps this kind of treatment is just as important as regular exercise, mind, body and Soletosoul.
    Thank you Karen.”


    Karen Ford MAR is a member of the Association of Reflexology (www.aor.org.uk).

    More info at http://www.soletosoultherapy.com/, or email Karen@soletousloutherapy.com