Massage (deep tissue, holistic)

At Yi Dao we offer two types of general massage from our dedicated massage therapists. Both can be booked ad hoc, though we find that many people enjoy having regular massages as routine maintenance for their body, for example once a month (package offer is available).


For pregnancy massage, please book with Paula – we also recommend our pregnancy osteopath Lilly
(Please note: For massage for a particular injury or health issue, we recommend Tuina physical therapy.)


Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is the strongest general massage that we offer,  working deeply on relaxing muscles and smoothing knots. It is perfect to release tight shoulders and relieve aching lower backs linked to poor posture (especially useful for office workers or new mums!). Sportspeople use it to look after their body after a workout, or to prepare for a competitive event.

Our deep tissue masseuse Esther uses textured, rhythmic music to enrich the whole massage experience – please see her article “The Music of Massage – Rhythms and Soundscapes” for a more detailed flavour of her music choices.

Our deep tissue masseuse Paula has a background of working in spas – she will make sure you are fully relaxed before working deeply on the body.

Sometimes the muscles might feel a bit sore the next day, as a sign that they have been worked on.


Holistic massage:

Holistic massage is a gentle massage session that doesn’t necessarily focus on any particular body part, and where the aim is to give the recipient a pleasant, relaxing experience. Sensory enjoyment is important and the practitioner might use fragrant oils and play calming music to add to the experience.

See Esther’s article on the value of holistic massage.

It can be combined with deep tissue massage on certain areas, or be a treatment in itself.

We offer deep tissue and holistic massage 7 days a week.
For further enquiries or to book an appointment,

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