Tui Na, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy…what’s the difference?

We offer these three different physical therapy treatments to treat musculo-skeletal conditions and injuries.

So…what is the difference, and when is each of them appropriate?

There is actually significant overlap in what these therapies are able to treat efficiently, and often any of these 3 modalities would be beneficial.

More often than not, the choice of treatment depends on the personal preferences of the patient and what they are familiar with or how much ‘hands-on’ treatment they prefer.  

Tui Na

Osteopathy and Physiotherapy (expand to view)

Osteopathy and physiotherapy are more conventional treatment types, and use a more Western understanding of the body. This means that they tend to isolate particular muscles/joints/tendons and focus on treating them specifically.

Osteopathy adds to this an understanding of posture and how your posture may affect your aches and pains, whereas physiotherapy tends to look more locally at an injured area.

Osteopaths use a range of manual techniques that are applied skillfully and physios may also use additional modalities like ultrasound or strapping.




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