Children’s Clinic

Our practitioners regularly treat children from birth to teenage years. We also have our psychotherapist Mariane who specialises in treating children, adolescents and families.  


During birth, the baby’s head needs to resist and accommodate enormous forces from uterine contractions plus twisting and turning to pass through the birth canal. The soft bones in baby’s head mould by turning, overlapping, twisting and compressing, often causing a slightly odd-shaped head after delivery. Most babies recover very well from this and the head evens out in the first few weeks of life.

However in some cases, especially with a particularly long/short labour or a suction/forceps assisted delivery, some discomfort may remain. This can manifest in baby being irritable /crying a lot, having sleep disturbances, colic, feeding difficulties, etc.


As children grow, they may develop symptoms associated with birth or a developing body. Children’s bodies are very changeable, and some of these symptoms may disappear again very quickly. In other cases however, an issue might be more difficult to get rid of or become recurrent. A child susceptible to regular infections (especially ear infections), sinus problems, eczema and headaches can often be helped significantly.


During teenage years, the emphasis of treatment is often to allow the young person to relax and help them to deal with their changing place in the world. Especially if a teenager has confidence issues or is prone to frustration and anger, our gentle treatments can be a useful way of supporting them and allowing them to find themselves.