Latest Testimonials

We are proud of our treatments, practitioners, and clinic, and always look forward to receiving feedback.

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“Last year I took some of Conny’s herbal medicine for digestive problems and hayfever. My digestion indeed improved gradually, and I realised after a couple of weeks that since I had taken the herbs I had had no signs of the hayfever, even though we were in the middle of the season  – incredible! I’m back this year for more…”

A. D., digestion and hayfever


“I discovered Yi Dao Clinic a few years ago when I injured my shoulder and was looking for a clinic in my area. When I visited the clinic I was greeted with warmth and friendliness. The cranial osteopath very patiently listened to my concerns, discussed the treatment and then applied true magic to my body. I continued with the treatments until both the practitioner and I felt no more treatments were necessary.

At some point later in the future I discoverer, to my delight that I was pregnant. Being the first-time mum and unused to experiencing such major changes in my body I reached to Yi Dao again. The acupuncture treatments I received in the first 3 months helped me cope both physically and mentally. Once the baby arrived I found my body needing help to recover so I returned for the post-partum cranial osteopathy. My little one also received the treatments to help him overcome the post-instrumental birth trauma.

I keep coming back to Yi Dao because I feel very safe, comfortable and happy with the treatments. The practitioners are qualified, experienced, knowledgeable, friendly and professional in their conduct. The clinic is easy to get to. I tried several other clinics in the past before Yi Dao and I can confidently say that Yi Dao is one of the very best. Unlike other clinics the prices at Yi Dao are affordable – which means a lot when one is unwell and needing several treatments.

I wholeheartedly recommend.”

S.W., osteopathy for shoulder pain, acupuncture during pregnancy, cranial osteopathy for newborn.