From Hand to Needle: The Practical Application of Essential Needle Techniques Including Burning Mountain, Cooling Sky and Channel Travelling.




Course dates:

Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th February 2023


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  • Learn how to warm and cool your patient using a needle. The techniques Burning Mountain and Cooling Sky are the original tonifying and draining techniques.

  • Tangibly course qi in your patient. Raise, lower, spread or gather using channel travelling techniques.

  • Practice bodywork techniques to skilfully manipulate qi and blood in the patient.

  • Understand the direct and specific links between qi gong practice and needle technique.

  • Increase confidence and improve treatment efficacy.


Both days will start with DaoYin exercises to help develop our sensitivity to Qi and our ability to manipulate it. We will explore how to link the exercises to directly improving your hand and needle skill.

Burning Mountain Needle Technique. When using Burning Mountain, the aim is to create a feeling of warmth and fullness around the needle, and also in the whole patient’s body.

Cooling Sky Needle Technique. When using Cooling Sky, we aim to create a release of heat and a draining of excess conditions.

Channel Travel. This technique is used when there is an imbalance of Qi in the channel and we want to move, raise, or lower qi in the body.

Bodywork practice including warming and cooling techniques to develop your hand and needle skill.


Course teachers: Zarig and Conny Cooper.

Conny and Zarig Cooper are practitioners of over 15 years each, who have a particular interest in providing tangible, effective treatments in clinic. They are senior students of Andrew Nugent-Head from the Association for Traditional Studies. Having attended all his London programmes and having completed over 500 hours of clinical observations with him at his clinic in the USA, they started assisting at his seminars, supporting his teachings in various European locations. They have been teaching their own courses in London since 2019, with consistently excellent feedback.

Conny uses her background as a Tai Chi teacher to clarify the actual links between Qi Gong/Daoyin and the practice of acupuncture. Understanding how the various Daoyin practices improve the effectiveness of the different needle techniques is an essential part of this course.

Zarig is an exceptional bodyworker and acupuncturist who combines both sensitivity and strength in his practice. His article “Tuina East and West”, written after his third study trip to China, and published in the Journal of Chinese Medicine, calls for higher standards of education and practice. He has been active for the last 7 years in teaching acupuncture and Tuina courses to improve practitioners’ practical skills.

Participants: Practitioners or students of acupuncture.

Course dates:
Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th February 2023

Both days run 10am-5pm, with an hour for lunch.

Venue: Millers Way Project, Shepherds Bush, London. W6 7NH

Cost: £200

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 — £200 —


Refunds possible up to 1 month before start of course, after that fee is non-refundable.