Needling Technique and Bodywork for external injury: Lower body


There is so much more to needling technique than “turning the needle clockwise or counterclockwise, and using your intention!”

This seminar is part of our “Practical Skills Seminar Series.” It is a standalone weekend course, however participants are encouraged to also attend the other seminars in the series.

Course Material:

This weekend CPD course will cover the needling and bodywork skills necessary to treat lower body injury effectively, as taught to us by Andrew Nugent-Head. Both acute injuries and long-standing issues can often be treated quickly and with lasting effect.

We will base our assessment of the patient on the Sinew channels, and learn the Sparrowpecking needle technique to release Ashi points and vectors of tension along those channels. This way of treating often creates a significant improvement in musculoskeletal pain patterns within a matter of hours.

It will be supported by the Gathering needle technique, to bring Qi and Blood to an area, if gentler, more soothing, stimulation is required for effective treatment. The Burning Mountain hand technique to warm and build the patient overall will finish our treatment.

Relevant bodywork techniques to lengthen out the Sinew channels and allow them to reset are a crucial part of Ashi treatment. We will include Deep Qi with Rocking to release the musculoskeletal system straight after needling, as well as Traction (straight and in spiral staircase) to create space in the body structures, allowing Qi and Blood to reinvigorate them.

This course was set up as we hope to spread the understanding and use of these fundamental clinical skills within the acupuncture community in the UK. At the end of it, we hope that participants will have taken their practical skills to a new level and will be more confident and effective practitioners.

Course teachers: Zarig and Conny Cooper.

Zarig and Conny are long-term students of  Andrew Nugent-Head’s. They are part of his teaching team, travelling internationally to assist at his seminars. Please see individual practitioner pages for full biogs.

Practitioners or 3rd year students of acupuncture.

Course dates: 
Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd March 2020

Both days run 10am-5pm, with an hour for lunch.

Venue: The City College of Acupuncture, University House, 55 East Road, London N1 6AH

Cost: Earlybird is £150 for the 2-day course if paid by 22nd February, after that £160.
Deposit of £60 secures your place, balance to be paid by 22nd February.
Refunds possible up to 1 month before start of course, after that fee is non-refundable.

Please email to book your place.