Chronic Pain – the body-mind connection

How Chronic Pain can affect your whole body?

It is often the case that chronic pain develops over a long period of time and may follow an injury or acute event that might have occurred many years ago.

Whatever the initial trigger for the development of your chronic pain, what is probable is that you will now have developed particular types of behaviour, protection/holding patterns, poor posture or severe inflexibility in certain body areas which can influence how able you are to move your body in general.

How does it affect the mind?

In addition to these physical changes, you may also have developed concurrent coping mechanisms in your psyche and mind which now influence the way you negotiate through life, and how effectively your deal with challenges that you are faced with.

Being in pain for extended periods really can have far-reaching effects on our bodies and minds and although these changes may have occurred initially to help you cope with pain, they can become so imbedded in the way you function that they become part of your ‘normal’ behaviour and may be impeding your ability to recover.

What to do about it?

Once the cycle of chronic pain, tension, and compensation has taken root, it takes a combination of expert focused manual treatment combined with a retraining of your body, mind and habits, breath re-training and acupuncture to rectify the situation.