TMJ – Temperomandibular Joint Dysfunction

TMJ pain can be alleviated!

The TMJ joint is one of the most often used joints in our body. It has the important job of moving the jaw to eat and talk and when this joint works well we don’t even notice it.

However, when it doesn’t work smoothly it can be a source of great discomfort and pain caused by factors relating to both the mind and body.  Dental problems, tooth grinding, mental stress and neuromuscular disorders all can play a part in a TMJ disorder. Read more…

What can be done?

Although the condition can arise in different ways, it is often the case that patterns of tension can be indentified from the jaw line, down the neck and into the shoulders with accompanying symptoms of headaches and other pain locations.  This chronic built-up of tension can be alleviated with focused treatment on the masticatory (chewing) muscles, trigger point release and myofascial release.

Sweet release

Thankfully, acupuncture and Tui Na massage excel at releasing trigger points and accumulated muscular tension, and replenishing blood supply to areas where pain has built up. Depending on the severity of the condition, a few weekly sessions should alleviate discomfort and restore movement to the jaw.

Stress Management

In addition to manual therapies, we also provide instruction in Mindfulness meditation and Breathing Training, which are proven methods of improving our ability to react to stressful situations in a more relaxed manner, and preventing many of the chronic health problems associated with stress.