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A Chinese take on stress

posted by conny on October 28, 2012

The vast majority of people who come to see me for treatment report feeling “stressed” in their daily life. Despite information available all around us on the importance of relaxation, there does not seem to be an overall decrease in general stress levels. I hope that this page provides a new and refreshing view of stress, which will allow people to genuinely do something about it and lead more relaxed and fulfilling lives.

What is stress, and, more importantly, how does Chinese medicine see stress?

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Arthritis is not a life sentence…!

posted by zarig on October 22, 2012
What is it and why?

Osteo-arthritis (OA) is a condition that a large proportion of us develop at some point in our lives and to varying degrees of severity.

Osteo-arthritis means that there have been some changes to the bones of the affected joint most likely as a result of wear and tear and years of dysfunctional use and movement.

Do you feel that you aren’t moving as easily as you used to?

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