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What is soft tissue…? How do soft tissue problems lead to pain…?

posted by zarig on November 22, 2012
What are soft tissues of the body?

The soft tissues of the body (in the sense that we refer to them) are made up of :

  • muscles – moves and supports bones
  • tendons – connects muscles to bones
  • ligaments – connects bone to bone
  • fascia – surrounds all muscles and bones
  • cartilage / synovial tissue – material that makes up the joint capsules

These tissues are collectively responsible for holding the skeleton together in the correct place, and maintaining the body in an upright position against the constant pull of gravity.

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The value of Yielding

posted by conny on November 3, 2012

An important quality in Chinese philosophy is the ability to yield. Think of the image of water – soft and ungraspable, it shapes itself to whatever terrain it is in. When water flows down a hillside and there is an obstacle in its path, it simply flows around it and carries on with its course. The same is true with people: in Chinese thought, the ability to yield, to work with people and events and carry on unperturbed when having to accommodate something unexpected, is seen as a very high quality in a person.

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