Clinical observations

“I wanted to express my immense gratitude for the student shadowing opportunity at your acupuncture clinic. Thank you for allowing me to learn and observe under your guidance. It was an incredibly enjoyable experience, and I gained a wealth of knowledge during my time with you both.” – 2nd year student observer.


At Yi Dao Clinic we regularly accept student/practitioner observers. This is a great way for our course participants to see the material in real practice, or for new observers to get a feeling for what we do.

Acupuncture practitioners often graduate from college without having had much opportunity to observe experienced practitioners, and have little concept of what running an established practice involves. The patients attending, types of treatments carried out, and dynamics in the therapeutic relationship can be significantly different between a student clinic and private practice.

At Yi Dao, we believe passionately in the importance of training the next generation of practitioners to a high level if we want our medicine to be truly respected and appreciated by the general public. Our clinical observations give students and graduates an opportunity to experience a busy, professional setting with all its intricacies. We hope this is an eye-opening experience which will inspire them to look beyond any limitations they believe that private practice has. 

The patients attending our clinic are our priority, hence observation days will be scheduled around suitable patients.

Fees are free for acupuncture/herbal medicine students, or £40/day for graduate observers.

Please email telling us where you are studying/when you graduated if you would like to book some observation days.