1-day CPD: Clinical Skills for Ashi treatment


Ashi treatment is an essential aspect of acupuncture, which can yield significant results for musculoskeletal conditions. Often just one or two sessions are enough to create long-lasting results for physical injuries.

We are grateful to Andrew Nugent-Head from the Association for Traditional Studies for having introduced us to this remarkably effective way of working. We now regularly receive referrals from GPs and personal trainers for physical pain conditions, and are keen to share these highly effective skills with more practitioners in the UK.

Join us for a day of practical skills which are the foundation of working with the Ashi perspective.



-Theory and basic concepts of Ashi treatment, including what Ashi areas are, how they affect the whole musculoskeletal system, and how to work with the Sinew Channels to identify and treat Ashi areas.

-Palpation and identification of Ashi areas. Improving palpation is a transferable skill which also enhances various other types of treatment.

-Group DaoYin practice of the 8 Storing Qi and Developing Sensitivity Exercises to feed into our hand and needle skills.

-Relevant needle and hand techniques: Sparrowpecking, spreading and gathering needle techniques, point pressing, traction. All attendees will both practice and receive the techniques, so they can gain a first-hand understanding of their powerful effect.


Who can attend?

-Qualified acupuncturists interested in adding Ashi treatment to their repertoire.

-Qualified acupuncturists looking at improving their clinical skills with palpation, needle technique and bodywork, even outside of Ashi treatment.

-Third-year students on BAAB accredited acupuncture courses who would like to include Ashi treatment in their practice after graduation.


Follow-up course:

We recommend that participants interested in developing further ashi skills attend the follow-up event “Treatment Strategies for Shoulder Pain” on 20th October 2024. This day will build on the material covered here by taking a closer look at how the practical skills can be applied to the treatment of shoulder injuries.


Conny and Zarig Cooper.

Conny and Zarig both attended Andrew Nugent-Head’s seminar series in London between 2012 and 2016. They have since been on 6 study trips to the Alternative Clinic in Asheville, USA, to observe the taught material being used in clinical practice. In 2018, they joined Andrew’s teaching team and started assisting at his European seminars. They both teach CPD courses in London and are dedicated to sharing ATS’s teachings of tangible, effective clinical skills with acupuncturists in the UK.



Location: Miller’s Way Project, Miller’s Way, Shepherds Bush, London, W6 7NH.

Date and Time: Sunday 7th July, 10am-5pm.

Cost: £110 for the day, early bird of £95 if signing up before 9th June.

To sign up: Please email info@yidaoclinic.co.uk to book your place.