Small Group Training – Ashi Treatment


Think that ashi treatment is simply sticking a needle where it hurts? Think again!

Ashi treatment is a very clear way of looking at the connections in the body along pathways of physical injury. Ashi areas are identified based on the sinew channels, and the relevant points are stimulated using dedicated hand and needle techniques (Sparrowpecking, Spreading, Gathering) to create a specific, noticeable effect.

Taught to us by Andrew Nugent-Head from the Association for Traditional Studies, who learnt this way of working from Dr Xie Peiqi, we find that Ashi treatment is an extremely effective way of achieving positive patient results for any musculoskeletal injury. Every clinic day we create happy patients from our ashi treatments, and receive regular referrals, from personal trainers to GPs, for this way of working.

Come and learn about theory, practice and case examples of ashi treatment with us in our Small Group Training, to genuinely upskill your practice.

Information on Small Group Training is available here.


Feedback from previous attendees on our courses:

“The YiDao ashi course is essential for all acupuncturists who treat musculoskeletal conditions.”

“I want to say a huge thank you to Conny and Zarig for guiding us through the course.”

“A brilliant, comfortable, welcoming initiation into what will hopefully be a lifetime of using these techniques. I can’t thank you enough for making these teachings available.”


Teachers: Conny and/or Zarig Cooper

Location: Yi Dao Clinic, 61 Mill Lane, NW6 1NB

Attendance: Small group practice, places limited to 4 attendees per group.

Cost: £200 per person for 4 weekly sessions, each session is 3 hours.

Dates: By arrangement.

To sign up: Please email, ideally in groups of 4, to schedule dates. If you do not have a group to learn with, please email us with your availability and we will do our best to add you to a group.